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How do I contact Customer Services?

Customer Services are available from 9am till 5pm (Monday – Friday, excluding bank holidays) on 0845 601 1984, 0207 193 1984 or you can call 500 from your Lomo Handset. 


How do I find out my balance?

To display your balance on your handset at any time, enter *125# then press the send key.

How do I add a top up voucher to my phone?

To add a voucher on your handset at any time, enter *125* followed by the voucher number and # then press the send key.

Where can I buy Lomo Mobile top up vouchers?

Lomo Mobile vouchers are available online and from many retailers across the UK, you can find your nearest store using our store locator. 


Can I top up using a credit card?

You can buy vouchers using a credit card from our website. 


Can I keep my existing number?

Before you can bring your existing number to Lomo Mobile you will first need to contact your existing provider to request a P.A.C. (Port Authorisation Code).  Once you have your P.A.C. call Customer Services on 500 from your Lomo Mobile to schedule your port.

How do I Set-up Data?

Before you can use data you will need to set-up your phone.   We may moderate access to certain sites, our Customer Service team can remove this if you find that you are not able to access a site you’d like to visit. 


How do I access voicemail?

Call 555 from your Lomo Mobile to set-up or access voicemail.

Problems topping up?

Please call customer service on 500 from your Lomo Handset or call 0207 193 1984. Please make sure that you have your Lomo mobile number and serial and PIN number of the top up voucher.